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Economic aspects in the environmental management

dc.creatorZeković, Slavka
dc.description.abstractThe possibility of making compatible the environmental policy with economic restructuring and natural resource management is discussed in view of sustainable development, new approach to natural resources and new of development philosophy. The need of searching the adequate mechanisms which would help the harmonization of economic instruments of realization and the financing of environmental protection on the global, sectorial and local level is pointed out. In the paper the possible implications of the environmental policies, natural resource management and global macro-economy on the urban development and structural changes are presented. In conclusion, the necessity of application of economical approach to the environmental problems, like cost-benefit, cost-effectiveness (cost-efficiency), opportunity and feasibility analysis is
dc.publisherBeograd : Institut za arhitekturu i urbanizam Srbijesr
dc.relationProstorno planiranje u funkciji ravnomernijeg regionalnog razvoja, očuvanja životne sredine i razvoja turizma“, Podprojekat 3 „Zaštita sredine u planiranju i uređenju prostora“, 1994-1997sr
dc.sourceProstorno planiranje, regionalni razvoj i zaštita životne sredinesr
dc.subjecteconomic aspectssr
dc.subjectekonomski aspektisr
dc.subjecteconomic instruments in environmental governancesr
dc.subjectekonomski instrumenti u upravljanju životnom sredinomsr
dc.subjectcost-benefit analizasr
dc.subjectcost- benefit analysissr
dc.subjectsustainable developmentsr
dc.subjectodrživi razvojsr
dc.titleEkonomsko - prostorni aspekti upravljanja u zaštiti životne sredinesr
dc.titleEconomic aspects in the environmental managementsr
dcterms.abstractЗековић, Славка; Економско - просторни аспекти управљања у заштити животне средине; Економско - просторни аспекти управљања у заштити животне средине;
dc.description.otherUrednik: Nada Milašinsr
dc.description.otherPosebna izdanja 26

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