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Economic instruments in the domain of the environment in Serbia

dc.creatorZeković, Slavka
dc.description.abstractIn the paper one elaborates the role of economic instruments in the policies of environmental protection and sustainable development. The key elements are pointed our as well as the framework for two basic approaches to the uses of economic instruments: commanding-controlled and an approach based on market mechanisms. The review is given of the experiences in the implementation of economic instruments in the countries of EU, OECD, and in the countries in transition and our local experiences in Republic of Serbia. The existing economic instruments are analysed in the domain environmental protection in Serbia and in SR of Yugoslavia. It is argued that the economic instruments in the domain of environmental protection in Serbia are not established holistically and effectively, nor defined and that the existing instruments are used with a great limitation. One proposes the adaptation of existing regulations and an introduction of ecological taxation, as a part of market based instruments on the principle “the polluter pays”.en
dc.publisherBeograd : Institut za arhitekturu i urbanizam Srbijesr
dc.relation(1995-1999) "Racionalno korišćenje resursa i potencijala prostora - polazišta za strategiju održivog razvoja Srbije" ( 09T10PT2)sr
dc.sourceKorišćenje resursa, održivi razvoj i uređenje prostora, knjiga 3sr
dc.subjecteconomic instrumentssr
dc.subjectekonomski instrumentisr
dc.subjectenvironmental protectionsr
dc.subjectzaštita životne sredinesr
dc.subjectthe principle “polluter pays"sr
dc.subjectprincip "zagađivač plaća"sr
dc.titleEkonomski instrumenti u oblasti životne sredine u Srbijisr
dc.titleEconomic instruments in the domain of the environment in Serbiaen
dcterms.abstractЗековић, Славка; Економски инструменти у области животне средине у Србији; Економски инструменти у области животне средине у Србији;
dc.description.otherUrednik: Nenad Spasićsr
dc.description.otherPosebna izdanja 36

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