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Rethinking deindustrialization, and the reindustrialization policy in Serbia191422
Relationship between traditional and contemporary elements in the architecture of Orthodox churches at the turn of the millennium4589
Introducing strategic environmental assessment in Serbia with special reference to the European Union directive and infrastructure corridors3530
О пројекту CLEVER – Cо-Designing Smart Local Solutions for Exploiting Values and Enhancing Resilience3029
Implementation of strategic environmental assessment in Serbia: Case of spatial plan of Kolubara lignite basin2801
The ‘socialist apartment’ in Yugoslavia: Paradigm or tendency?2372
Regional differences between rural areas of Serbia in population aging and agricultural activities: Case studies of the Inđija and Knjaževac municipalities2068
Public Interest as a Basis for Planning Standards in Urban Development: State-Socialist and Post-socialist Cases in Serbia2047
Post-Socialist Transition in Serbia and Its Unsustainable Path1946
The Use of the Leopold Matrix in Carrying Out the EIA for Wind Farms in Serbia1526