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      'Buvljak' u urbanizmu i prostornom planiranju [1]
      'Circular connection' concept in housing architecture [1]
      'Fleemarket' as a topic for urban and spatial planning [1]
      'Salon' apartment in Serbia between the two world wars: Reassessing the rationale behind the term [1]
      'Salonski' stan između dva svetska rata u Srbiji - preispitivanje opravdanosti korišćenja termina [1]
      150 Years of the Josimovic’s Proposal for the Regulation of the Belgrade’s Town in a Moat [1]
      150 година од Јосимовићевог предлога за регулисање београдске вароши у шанцу [1]
      A historical prolegomenon of the legal framework and urban land policy in serbia as a basis for urban development [1]
      A Methodological Approach to Selecting a Location for a Waste Disposal Terminal for Vessels on the Section of the Pan-European Waterway Corridor VII in the Republic of Serbia [1]
      A Methodological Framework for the Integrated Planning of the Protection and Development of the Natural Resource Areas in Serbia -Case Study of the Spatial Plans for the Special Purpose Area for the Protected Natural Areas [1]
      A Possibility of Introducing the Concept of Form Into Urban Planning in Serbia [1]
      A Preliminary Analysis of Sustainable Development in the Belgrade Metropolitan Area [1]
      A propaedeutics of Serbia's new industrial policy and its impact on territorial development [2]
      A Rank Size Rule in Urban System in Serbia – Contribution to the Discussion of Polycentricity [1]
      A review on Salt Lake City, Kolkata, India: Master planning and realization [1]
      A review on salt lake city, Kolkata, India: Master planning and realization [1]
      A Spatial Perspective on Demographic Change in Serbian Cities and Towns [1]
      Aarhus Convention aims in energy management in Serbia [1]
      About the 'attractive Danube' project [1]
      Accessibility and connectivity – Movement between cities, as a critical factor to achieve success on cross-border cooperation (CBC) projects. A European analysis [1]